Den Ouden Speelberg**

casa de vacaciones para 1 a 8 personas en Dranouter

general conditions
What do I always have to do? 

     • Take care of the house, the garden and the furniture. 
     • Sort the waste properly. 
     • Is there something broken or not working? Report it to the owner. 
     • Respect everyone’s rest between 22.00 and 07.00 hrs. 

What is not allowed? 
     • bringing pets 

     • smoking indoors 
     • student parties, stag parties, binge drinking,… 
     • anything that is contrary to Belgian law 
     • renting to third parties 
     • damaging house and garden 
     • staying with more than 8 persons, neither in the house, nor in the garden 

I want to clean by myself before departure. What am I expected to do? 
     • empty the dish washer, put away the dishes 

     • clean the kitchen counter, the sink, the fridge, the combined microwave oven, the extractor hood, the electric stove, all sanitary facilities 
     • vacuum 
     • empty the bins indoors 

What happens with the security deposit?

After you left, the owner will check: 

        1. if there are damages 
        2. the consumption of water and electricity 
        3. the cleanliness, if you chose to clean by yourself

        Are the 3 aforementioned items fine?

        The owner will then reimburse the entire security deposit within 10 days. 
        Are there damages? Did you exceed the quantity of water and electricity?
        Did you leave the house without cleaning, although you promised to do?

        Then the owner calculates the costs. Your security deposit less the costs will be reimbursed. 
        Does the cost exceed the security deposit? Then you have to pay the extra costs. 

If owner and tenant disagree, only the court of Ieper has jurisdiction. 

I booked, but I can’t come. What do I have to do? 

Can’t you come due to force majeure? For example due to a pandemic: 

your entire deposit will be reimbursed. 

Can’t you come due to another reason?

     • Do you notify at least 60 days before arrival? 50% of your deposit will be reimbursed 
     • Do you notify later? 50% of your deposit will be reimbursed, if owner can re-let. 
     • Don’t you come at all and didn’t you notify? 
       The owner keeps the deposit and can immediately re-let to others. 

 What if… 
…I want to invite someone?            Ask permission to the owner in advance. 
…I don’t respect the house rules?  You will receive a notification from the owner. If you continue to break the house rules,
                                                        the owner will ask you to vacate the house immediately.
                                                        You pay any costs for the intervention of the police or others.