Den Ouden Speelberg**

casa de vacaciones para 1 a 8 personas en Dranouter

General conditions
1. By signing the rental contract, the lessee accepts the general rental conditions for the holiday home "Den Ouden Speelberg", located at Kauwakkerstraat 9, in Dranouter, Belgium.  
2. All information stated in the rental contract is accurate and complete and must therefore be respected as legally valid. Correspondence may be sent by post or e-mail.  
3. There is an inventory list in the holiday home. In the absence of comments from the lessee within 48 hours after arrival, all items on the list will be presumed to be present and in good condition. 
4. The rental property may not be inhabited by more than 8 people, (in other words, there may only be a maximum of 8 people present), unless explicit permission has been given by the lessor in writing, (e.g., in the case of a baby as ninth person). The penalty for violation of this rule shall be: 100 €/day/extra person or immediate expulsion. 
5. Camping is prohibited. 
6. The lessee may not (sub) let the rented property in part or in full to third parties, or allow it to be used by others. In the case of non-compliance: the contract will be dissolved with immediate effect. The lessee must then pay damages to the lessor in the amount of the extra costs incurred, with a minimum amount of 250 € per day, starting from the date on which the property is taken into use until it is vacated. 
7. No pets are allowed in the rental property. 
8. Smoking is not allowed indoors in the rental property. 
9. The organisation of student parties, stag parties, binge drinking... is prohibited. Sanction in case of violation: immediate expulsion. 
10. The rental price is the price for the use of the holiday home as stipulated in the rental contract, including use of the fixed inventory as described on the inventory list (see point 3). The lessee is also entitled to the use of 0,5 m³ water and 10 Kwh electricity, free of charge, per scheduled overnight stay. If the lessee's consumption exceeds these amounts, a fee will be charged to cover extra costs. Fees are mentioned on rental contract. 
11. The tourist tax is per person, per overnight stay, for persons over the age of 6 and for the whole booked period. 
12. Security deposit: ordinarily, the tenant will be reimbursed the entire amount of the security deposit on the day of departure. In the event of doubt, the damage will be assessed and the remaining amount will be reimbursed within business days after day lessee's date of departure. 
13. Cancellation by the lessee: if the lessee should for any reason wish to cancel the rental contract, he must notify the lessor immediately. Notification by telephone must be confirmed in writing or by e-mail. If the cancellation is communicated to the lessor in writing (digitally is also possible) no later than 60 days prior to the arrival date stated in the rental contract, the lessee shall be reimbursed 50% of the advance payment within 30 days. If the cancellation takes place later than 60 days prior to the arrival date, then the lessor reserves the right to retain the advance payment and to have free access to the holiday home. If the lessee fails to arrive within 24 hours of the date stated on the rental contract and if the lessor has not been notified, then the rental contract shall be rendered void. The lessor may then have free access to the holiday home and shall retain the full deposit. 
14. Cancellation by the lessor: if the lessor cancels the rental contract for any reason whatsoever, then the lessee shall be entitled to full reimbursement of the advance payment, to be paid within 30 days after the lessee is notified. 
15. The lessor's obligations: the lessor is required to make the property available to the lessee on the agreed date and at the agreed time and in good condition, in accordance with the inventory list. 
16. The lessee's obligations: the lessee is required to use the rented property appropriately and to leave it behind tidy and in good condition. Cleaning service is not included in the rental fee. However, if you prefer to leave the final clean-up to a cleaning service, this can be arranged for a supplementary fee, as stated in the rental contract. The supplementary fee will be calculated based on a standard household cleaning session. Extra cleaning costs due to extreme filth shall be deducted from the deposit. The lessee must also respect he standards for sorting rubbish applicable in Flanders. The lessee must also treat the environment with respect and may not dump waste of any kind, or contaminate or damage the environment in any way. The lessee won't cause any noise nuisance and will respect anyone’s night rest between 22.00 hrs and 7.00 hrs. 
17. Damage: the lessee is liable for damage to the property, including damage to or loss of (a part of) the inventory, caused during the rental period. In the event of minor damage, the costs shall be withheld from the security deposit. In the event of major damage, the lessor shall have an assessment drawn up within 10 calendar days and request payment to be made within 30 days after this assessment is drawn up. 
18. Repair costs: the lessor is responsible for the costs for ordinary maintenance, normal wear and the repair of defects. The lessee must notify the lessor of any defects discovered as soon as possible. 
19. Disputes related to this contract fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of Ieper.